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The Peony at Clifton Cemetery – on the Benjamin and Anna Jones Fredenburg Graves

Ben Fredenburg married Anna Jones on March 20, 1860. Their first child, Hattie Fredenburg Christy was born March 22, 1866 on McKissick Island, Nemaha County, Nebraska ….in the middle of the Missouri River! They soon moved to a farm near Johnson, Nebraska where they lived until her death on January 20, 1884. By this time, they had four more children, Lebeus, Flora (Brod); Lucian (Vorhees); and Olive (Cansler.)

Great-grandmother Anna was buried at the local Clifton Cemetery, less than one mile east of their home.

Benjamin remarried in 1893 and his second wife died in 1911. August, 1913, he married again. She survived him, but lived in Colorado and the family in Nebraska never knew her.

In 1910, Great-Grandfather Fredenburg moved to Manitou, Colorado where he lived until his death in 1915. But, before he left Nebraska in 1910, he planted a pink peony bush on Ann'a grave so there would always be flowers on her grave on "Decoration Day." Fredenburg Grave

That was in 1910, and that peony still provides flowers for both of them now on Memorial Day, as the picture on the Website, taken in 2010 shows --- 100 years after he planted the peony bush.

The Century Old Plant has always bloomed beautifully each spring! I can attest to the last 70+ years as I see it each Memorial Day when I go to Clifton Cemetery.

For years, my Aunt Gladys Christy Evans (the Fredenburg's granddaughter always went to Clifton Cemetery with my family on Memorial Day. Each year, she picked 3 or 4 branches of the huge plant to take to Lafayette Cemetery (north of Brock) to put on her parents, George and Hattie Fredenburg Christy's grave. She always said, “Grandpa would be proud to have some of his flowers go to his oldest daughters grave.” And so, I have continued the same tradition, and I take some braches to go on my Grandparents (George and Hattie Christy) and also to Aunt Gladys Christy Evans grave, also at Lafayette Cemetery. I think Great-Grandfather Fredenburg would approve of that!! I hope my children will continue this tradition in the future.

--- By Margaret (Christy) Piper, The Fredenburg's Great-Granddaughter


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