Clifton Cemetery, Nemaha County, Nebraska, USA

Cemetery History

The group of pioneers who settled in the Clifton neighborhood found the need for a proper burial site for loved ones during their early years in Nemaha County.

Clifton Cemetery is located in Nemaha County, Nebraska described as the E1/2 of the NE1/4 of Section 4 Township 5 Range 13. The small plot of ground was given by Julius Gilbert atop a limestone hill, located one quarter mile west of the present Coryell Park. Early on, cedar trees were planted around the site. Over a century later the evergreen enclosed area gives a quiet, serine, and protected final resting place for family members of the early settlers.

Fieldstone Monument

Just inside the inner gate is a native boulder monument with the following inscription: "This site donated to Clifton Cemetery Ass'n by Julius Gilbert and wife. May 23, 1868. Incorporated by: J. Gilbert, D.B. Coryell, B. Aldrich, R.A. Hawley, D.P. Douglas, P. Smith and Richard Coryell."

Early records show that May 23, 1886, a group of neighbors met to arrange legal procedures for Clifton Cemetery. During the years since, there have been times when maintenance has been neglected and the native prairie grass grown tall. In recent years the Clifton Cemetery Association has established a perpetual fund. The interest from investments along with annual contributions of constituents helps take care of the financial obligations and maintenance of the grounds.

Additions to the Clifton Cemetery include a brick marquee at the main gate erected in 1986, and a cemetery directory in the west center of the cemetery installed in 2009.

A newsletter and financial statement are sent out each May to all members of the association. The annual meeting is held each year on Memorial Day, at Coryell Park and is preceded by a picnic dinner.

Present officers are: John F. Gilbert, President, Michael E. Gilbert, Vice-President, Gary E. Piper, Secretary/Treasurer, Samuel Smith, Delbert Jeanneret, and Alan Riggins, Trustees.

Donations to help support the upkeep of this cemetery may be sent to:
Clifton Cemetery
c/o Gary Piper
63206 733 Road
Brock, NE 68320.

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